Suemonogiri Seminar Belgium

Yamato Ryu Honbu

Suemonogiri Seminar Belgium

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On Mai 29, 2022 a suemonogiri seminar will be held
The seminar will be supervised by Marc Mebis

Admittance fee for the seminar will be €25, –
3 standard sized sized tatami cutting mats will be provided for each participant.

Members who already bought targets or bring their own only pay for the seminarfee, €10.

Additional tatami can be ordered upon registration at an additional cost:
Size varies in thickness not in length!
The thicker the tatami the easier the cut.

Standard sized tatami                    €5,00/pcs
One and  a half sized tatami         €7,50/pcs
Double sized tatami                       €10,00/pcs

The schedule will be as followed:
Safety guidelines -> basics recapitulation -> Kiri Waza -> Cutting sessions

Registration is limited due to safety measures and room available in the dojo.
Preregistration required before May 15, 2022.
Joining the seminar afterwards will not be possible as the Tatami need time to prepare for cutting.

Experience with Iaido, Iaijutsu or Kenjutsu is required to participate in the seminar.
Those with their own Shinken (live blade) are welcome to bring it, if you do not have a live blade, one will be provided for the duration of the session.

Because of the nature of this seminar a sportsinsurance covering Iaido is required.
People who can’t prove their ownership of such an insurance will be requested to fill in a Waiver of Liability upon arrival.

This event is limited to members of the Yamato-Ryu Nippon Budo Kai.
Non members will not be granted access to the dojo.

Event registration closed.

Date And Time

29 May, 2022 : 10:00 (CEST) to
29 May, 2022 : 13:00 (CEST)

Registration End Date

15 May, 2022

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