Welcome to the website of
Yamato-Ryu Nippon Budo Kai

We at the YNBK are an international group of people dedicated to training
Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu
This being an ancient Japanese style of samurai swordfighting

Our Values

Next to the training of MJER we also value personal growth and wellbeing for our students. So we set some core values that we wish to convey during each and every training within our group.





Respect your fellow men and women. Everybody has a story to tell. Respect the effort somebody invested in a goal. Because one never knows what hardships had to be endured to reach the goal.
Give the gift of friendship and trust. Exchange ideas and insights. And receive in double what you gifted. To trust someone is a gift for both people involved.
Live and let live. Let go of what you cannot influence. A calm mind is that of a happy person. Go search for what helps you calm your mind.
Dare to be yourself. Accept who you are. Nobody is perfect, nor holds all the wisdom. Our faults and mistakes make us who we are, and enable us to grow as a person, group and community.